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  • RAGE 2: Driving By, Shooting
    Время: May. 20, 2019 От: SCDKey

    Rage 2 Bethesda Key could be following Rage 2011, but developers assume that most players have never played this game. With a catchy movie, the status quo, bad guys and stakes have enough time to point out what villains you're going to shoot.

    After an asteroid apocalypse, some have tried to save humanity with "arcs", but Earth is now governed by the cybernetic authority directed by General Cross, rarely seen, which is dedicated to "surgical eradication". weak "as you become stronger, you will eliminate it.

    None of this is important. Once you've selected a genre for your character, Walker, Rage 2 focuses on the fight and stays there for the rest of the game.

    After apophysics, the Earth looks good, if you do not look at it too long. Walking through the steep landscape of canyons, deserts, swamps and forests, the landscape is beautiful. However, "driving" is everything you will do in this world, because the environment is as rare in the game as in the design.

    Rage 2 Bethesda Key invites you to make incursions and convoys, but they are only problems to improve. There are races and fights to the death in the arena, but they also feel distracted. Market cities offer little interest outside of article suppliers. There is no reason to get off your vehicle unless you arrive at your destination.

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