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  • The original Devil May Cry is still worth playing today
    Время: Jul. 8, 2019 От: SCDKey

    If you think about the Devil May Cry series, your mind can embark on an exaggerated and elegant action, full of demonic horrors and excellent leather jackets. This special environment has become a hallmark of the franchise, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the recent Devil May Cry 5, which has a wonderfully ridiculous action.

    All this makes the game Devil May Cry, which made its debut on the PS2 in 2001, particularly interesting to play. There are many things you can always see right now as DMC: the sophisticated game of swords, enemies like giant spiders and flying skulls, and yes, those leather jackets. What surprised me the most is how different the game is from their fans.

    Devil May Cry did not really start his life as Capcom's new action game. It was the next Resident Evil before the team decided to change direction and do something new. In this context, it is especially fun to play now. You can see the tension between what the game started and what it really wanted to be.

    As always, you play with Dante, a demon hunter who runs a demon-hunting business called Devil May Cry.

    Of course, this feeling of familiarity begins to change as soon as you start playing. The fight changes constantly as you unlock new weapons and powers and add more options to your repertoire.

    Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Devil May Cry is that it is a fascinating time capsule, but one that has a lot of fun in 2019. Action games do not necessarily age too. They often feel awkward and slow compared to more modern versions. But even after spending hours with the much thinner Devil May Cry 5, I did not have a big problem with the original, except that I could still fight terribly against the giant spiders.

    Devil May Cry 5 Steam Key made me appreciate even more the first Devil May Cry.

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